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January 5, 2022

When to Aerate Your Lawn in PA

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A great lawn is a major source of pride in homeowners. The problem is that while an awesome looking lawn is great to have, it’s sometimes a frustrating journey to get there. One major part of getting that beautiful lawn is knowing the best time to aerate. Reading on, you can learn all about lawn aeration and when the best time to have this project completed around your home.

What is Aeration and Why is It Important?

In order for grass to thrive, the grass roots need the proper amounts of air, nutrients, and water.

If the soil gets compacted, these things cannot reach the root. When these essential nutrients and water cannot get to the root system, you won’t get that thicker and healthier growths of grass.

What aeration does is to perforate the soil with small holes to allow the water, nutrients, and air to get to the roots of the grass. The end result is that you get a strong and more lush lawn.

There are plenty of benefits to investing in aeration services for your lawn. These benefits include:

Reduction in Compact Soil

The clay soil that is common in Pennsylvania easily gets compacted. Aeration can reduce this compaction and improve the structure of the lawn. When the soil is compacted, this prevents the necessary circulation of air, water, and nutrients for a thriving lawn.

Breaking Through Thatch

Thatch is naturally occurring organic material that builds up on your soil. Experts agree that if your thatch layer is around a ½ inch thick, it can actually benefit the lawn.

Too much thatch however, can be a problem.  Thatch in excess amounts can prevent water, air, and nutrients from getting through the soil to the roots. Not only can this impact the quality of the grass roots, but it can also lead to a variety of other issues including pests or disease. Lawn aeration can break up the thatch and help increase the microorganisms that can cause the decomposition process of the thatch.

Improves Results of Overseeding

Overseeding is recommended at the same time as your aeration services. Overseeding is more effective when completed along with aeration services because there will be better seed-to-soil contact due to the tiny holes created in the soil from aeration.  If your grass seeds have better contact with the soil, you get better germination rates.  Not only does that mean better results in the lawn, but it also means you're not wasting money on seed that didn't come up, and you don't have to get even more to fill it in (again).

Improves Results from Fertilization Treatments

Looser soil that is gained through aeration can make any fertilization treatments that you receive more effective. This is because the fertilizer will be able to penetrate deeper into the soil. This results in a nicer looking lawn.

Fewer Weeds

You are less likely to have weeds if you have an aerated lawn. This is because when you have a lush, healthy lawn, the thickness of the grass prevents unwanted weed growth. You can also benefit from this because you will spend less on weed control measures.

Fewer Active Lawn Diseases

Many lawn diseases depend on low air circulation and depending on the season; overly moist or dry conditions.

Aerations can be an excellent mediator in this case, because regular aerations will continue to open the thatch layer and throw fresh cores on top of the lawn.

This means more air movement and gives the soil microbes a chance to break down the thatch more effectively.

Now that we know a bit about the benefits of aeration:

When should you do it?

Before getting into when you should aerate your lawn, it’s important to talk about how often you should be aerating your lawn. The answer depends on the texture of your lawn’s soil. There are typically a few different categories for soil: clay, loam, and sand. Clay soil particles are the smallest of the 3, which is why this type of soil can be compacted more easily than the other types of soil. Since clay soil is very common in areas of Pennsylvania, this means that aeration should be performed on an annual basis. Other types of soil may be able to go without aeration every other year.

One of the reasons that you should hire a lawncare professional is that they can look at your lawn and determine what the best approach is to get the picturesque green lawn that you’ve been dreaming of. This includes determining what type of soil you have so that you know whether or not you need yearly aeration services or if you can get these services every other year.

As for the best time to aerate your lawn, there is some disagreement amongst experts. The general consensus is that this should be done while the soil is still warm. This means that the best times for aeration are either spring or fall. Depending on the lawncare company, you will get a different answer.

Generally speaking, fall is widely considered to be the best time for lawn aeration in PA. This is because fall is the growing season, between September and October. But you may also find great results when you choose aeration during the cool season found during early spring.

If you do decide to go with fall aeration, you should schedule fall seeding at the same time. Aeration during fall is the popular choice because this can be an essential tool in helping to repair your lawn after the wear and tear caused by the warm summer months. You can cause a rejuvenation in your lawn that will give an excellent foundation when the warmer weather hits again in the following spring.

You should be sure to follow any instructions provided by your lawncare professional after you receive your aeration services. For instance, if you decide to seed on your own, you will want to seed as soon as possible after your aeration services. You should also go through the seeding process again as spring hits. By doing this, you will get the best results from your aeration.

Lawn care does require some patience. You won’t notice immediate results, especially if you don’t follow the lawncare recommendations as offered by your lawncare professional. Slowly, aeration and proper lawn care will make for a healthier lawn that you can love for a long time to come.


To get the best-looking lawn, hiring a lawn care professional like JC Landscapes LLC to take care of your lawn. Not only can lawncare professionals handle issues like compacted soil, but they can also take care of your lawn in the best to keep it looking as amazing as possible. People who have the nicest lawns tend to have one major thing in common: they hire a company to ensure that their lawn is something that they can be proud of.