Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services

At Lemur Tree Care our mission is to protect and improve our clients property value by providing professional tree and landscape services, using the highest standards of arboriculture / landscaping and an ethical business code built on biblical values.

  • Knowledgeable and professional crew
  • Fully insured and safety oriented
  • Top of the line equipment to reduce potential liability

Owner and operator of Lemur Tree Care, Austin Fiedler grew up in Watsontown, Pennsylvania.

After playing sports at warrior run high school, he received the opportunity to play football at Penn State University. Although his time with Penn State was cut short due to injury, he was able to stay in State College, Pennsylvania. While trying to figure out his next pursuit in life, he found Arboriculture, or more commonly known as tree care.

His first job in the tree care industry was with ISA certified arborist's Todd Fuller and Jake Allegar of Fuller's Quality Tree Service. Following his time with Fuller's, he played a role in helping Cutting Edge Tree Professionals become a leader in the tree care industry. During his time with Cutting Edge, he spent a semester at Penn State Mont Alto, Improving his tree care knowledge in the forest technology program. Over 5 years of learning the highest standards of tree care, he grew a passion for starting his own company in his hometown.

Now with Lemur Tree Care he is providing the highest level of tree care for the communities he grew up in.

Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Do you do tree removal?

Lemur Tree Care is an excellent tree care service that we frequently refer our customers to for larger tree work; and yes, they offer tree removal as part of their services. You may go to to inquire about services.

Have any question for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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Other Services

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Landscape Lighting

Beautifully placed outdoor lighting is a great addition to any home landscape. Get in touch for your free consultation!

Low-voltage lighting systems

Shrub Trimming & Perennial Maintenance

Shrub trimming can be a great way to give your landscape a manicured look and even encourage healthier plant growth!

Promotes fuller growth

Mowing & Weekly Maintenance

At JC Landscapes we follow proper mowing practices to ensure a clean cut, professional look and health benefits too!

Follow best practices to ensure a healthy, attractive lawn