Mowing, Treatments & Beds

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About this package

One of our crowd favorites has quickly become the mowing, treatments and beds package.

A huge reason this package has become so popular is that it covers your base services to make sure your property is well-maintained without going to crazy.

We keep the lawn mowed and fertilized, while the weeds are kept at bay both in the yard and in the landscape, so they never even get the chance to become an eyesore.

If you are looking for a great starting plan that covers your most basic needs for a clean property, this is a fantastic place to start!

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Services Included

Mowing & Weekly Maintenance

At JC Landscapes we follow proper mowing practices to ensure a clean cut, professional look and health benefits too!

Follow best practices to ensure a healthy, attractive lawn

Lawn Applications

Learn about our lawn application program and the benefits it has to offer!

Less applications than conventional lawn programs

Weed Maintenance Services

Offered as commercial vegetation management as well as residential landscape maintenance.

Season-long weed maintenance
Where is this available?

linntown, PA

mazeppa, PA

vicksburg, PA

lewisburg, PA