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Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

Landscaping is about more than just cutting grass or planting a new garden, it involves all of the natural elements of your outdoor area. Think of it as a blank canvas, just waiting for you to create something beautiful on it! The outdoor areas of your property are just as important as the indoor ones. After all, that’s the first thing people see when they pass by. At JC Landscapes LLC, we understand the importance of keeping your lawn in good shape; it sends the message to passersby that you care about the finer things. As a detail-oriented landscaping company, JC Landscapes LLC is perfectly positioned to take care of all your landscaping needs.

  • Increases property value
  • Improves the overall aesthetic of the property
  • Landscapes are said to improve quality of life!
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When most people think of landscaping, they think of planting grass or trimming hedges, and while that is part of the process, there’s much more that we can do to beautify your space. We can not only make what’s there better, we are also able to add on to our existing space with new types of greenery to make it better than before. 

Part of our landscaping service includes designing your space. More than just adding a new tree here or there, creating a design plan is the perfect way to bring any space to life. A landscaping design plan lets you maximize the space you have and focus on the features that you want to include into the details. 

Hardscaping, while similar to landscaping in that it beautifies your property, is different from landscaping because it doesn’t deal with living elements like plants and trees, and instead focuses on man made structures, natural stone and other materials to add form and function to your space.

By combining these two types of services together, we are able to create unique and awe inspiring yards and properties for our customers. Imagine your yard with not only new trees and grass everywhere, but a brick patio complete with a custom built fire pit so that you can still enjoy those cold nights outdoors. Hardscaping helps make whatever you can imagine possible. 

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Pottsgrove, PA 17865

Danville, PA 17821

New Columbia, PA 17857

West Milton, PA  17886

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New Berlin, PA 17855

Winfield, PA 17889

Hartleton, PA 17829

Penns Creek, PA 17862

Vicksburg, PA 17883

Mazeppa, PA 17837

Linntown, PA 17837

Montandon, PA 17850

Milton, PA 17847

Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Lewisburg, PA 17837

Frequently Asked

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How Are Landscaping and Hardscaping Different?

Landscaping is the general term for working with all the different types of materials that make up your yard, both living and nonliving objects. Hardscaping refers to inanimate objects like bricks, stone pavers, concrete, and more. The term for working with living things like grasses and trees is technically referred to as softscaping, though many use the term landscaping to mean the same thing.

How Does Hardscaping Impact Your Home’s Value?

Just like landscaping adds beauty, curb appeal, and property value to your home, hardscaping does the same thing. In fact, adding in the right types of hardscapes to your property can dramatically affect the value and even improve safety and functionality in the process.

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