Aerations & Lawn Apps Package

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About this package

The Aerations & Lawn Apps Package brings together two of our most valuable services when it comes to boosting the overall aesthetic of your lawn.


Follow our maintenance recommendations along with this service package for the best return on your investment.


Lawn aeration is an important part of lawn maintenance, and it's something that many homeowners don't think about. By aerating your lawn, you're helping to improve the overall health of your yard. Reducing compaction, introducing air to the upper layers of the soil, improving water and fertilizer uptake and so much more.


JC Landscapes' service package also includes lawn treatments. Lawn treatments are important for keeping your lawn looking its best. JC Landscapes offers one primary treatment plan that we find works best in our local area. We've specially constructed this program with the best products on the market for optimal growth and weed maintenance results. View more details below or get a quote using the form provided!

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Services Included

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an important service for improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Recommended once per year.

Breaks up compacted soil

Lawn Applications

Learn about our lawn application program and the benefits it has to offer!

Less applications than conventional lawn programs
Where is this available?

Danville, PA

Hartleton, PA

Linntown, PA

Mazeppa, PA

Middleburg, PA

Mifflinburg, PA

milton, PA

montandon, PA

new berlin, PA

new columbia, PA

penns creek, PA

potts grove, PA

selinsgrove, PA

vicksburg, PA

west milton, PA

winfield, PA

Lewisburg, PA