Mowing & Bed Maintenance

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About this package

A step below our Mowing, Treatments & Beds package; this is our Mowing and Bed Maintenance package.

As you may have picked out yourself, the main difference is the lack of lawn treatments.

If you are simply looking to keep your lawn mowed and manicured, and your mulch/stone beds kept weed-free, this plan is perfect for you.

Your bed/landscape will be kept clear of weeds throughout the season to make sure it always looks it's best. All while our weekly mowing service will have your lawn being the talk of the town. We are very conscious of how the lawn is mowed to ensure that we are benefitting the health of the lawn rather than simply keeping it cut to length.

A properly mowed lawn is a powerful first step in getting your weeds under control already, so it's not uncommon to see your weeds suppressed if your yard thickens up in time. If weeds in the lawn become a nuisance, consider adding treatments to get them under control.

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Services Included

Mowing & Weekly Maintenance

At JC Landscapes we follow proper mowing practices to ensure a clean cut, professional look and health benefits too!

Follow best practices to ensure a healthy, attractive lawn

Weed Maintenance Services

Offered as commercial vegetation management as well as residential landscape maintenance.

Season-long weed maintenance
Where is this available?

linntown, PA

mazeppa, PA

vicksburg, PA

lewisburg, PA