Shrub Trimming & Perennial Maintenance

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Shrub Trimming & Perennial Maintenance

At JC Landscapes we know that landscaping is about much more than just planting new grass and trees, installing a new hardscape feature or other elements, it’s about getting your yard to the place you want it to be and keeping it there. That's why as part of our services we offer shrub trimming and perennial maintenance. There’s much more to trimming a shrub or maintaining a plant than people realize and this service helps to keep your property in great shape. It takes the skill of our dedicated experts to know how to trim different plants and when to trim them. When you want to always keep your yard looking its best, it’s a good idea to turn to your local landscaping pros for all the regular maintenance you need.

  • Promotes fuller growth
  • Helps control plant size
  • Maintains attractive shape / size of your shrubs
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Why Trimming and Maintenance is Important 

It might seem like trimming shrubs and maintaining plants isn’t that big of a deal when it comes to the overall condition of your landscaping. The truth is, maintenance is the key to having a healthy and great looking yard. 

A good portion of landscaping involves one time projects to install new features and plants, but the bulk of the work is maintaining those plants. When you have plants that last longer than a single season it takes a great deal of work to keep them alive and healthy. 

For example, proper trimming of bushes and shrubs helps to control growth and keep nutrients flowing throughout the plant. This means that not only will your shrubs look great, but they will last a long time. Perennial plants also require the same type of maintenance to ensure they survive and stay looking their best. 

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Pottsgrove, PA 17865

Danville, PA 17821

New Columbia, PA 17857

West Milton, PA  17886

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New Berlin, PA 17855

Winfield, PA 17889

Hartleton, PA 17829

Penns Creek, PA 17862

Vicksburg, PA 17883

Mazeppa, PA 17837

Linntown, PA 17837

Montandon, PA 17850

Milton, PA 17847

Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Lewisburg, PA 17837

Frequently Asked

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How do you maintain a shrub?

There are several steps to maintaining a shrub for the long term. Our team at JC Landscapes can help with each step of the process. To start, pick a plant that is suited to your area and climate. Second, make sure to plant the shrub at the right time. Once the initial planting is complete it is important to maintain a healthy watering schedule while the plant is establishing itself. Make sure to feed the shrub regularly as well. As the shrub grows you’ll want to manage the growth by trimming off excess branches and dead areas and keeping the size down to a sustainable level. Checking the health of the soil, applying fertilizers and mulch and monitoring for pests will ensure your shrub grows happily and healthily. We can help with everything from picking the right shrubs or perennials to applying the mulch and maintaining soil health and shape so that you can enjoy your plants for years to come.

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