Lawn Applications

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Lawn Treatments

We use top of the line products that provide long-lasting results, resulting in less applications per season. We guarantee our customers' satisfaction by offering free service calls with our full program, and won't stop until you get your desired results!

  • Less applications than conventional lawn programs
  • Top of the line fertilizers for slow feeding & low stress
  • Season-long weed control with free service calls
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The JC Landscapes approach

JC Landscapes has been offering lawn treatment services for a number of years and is only getting better with each season. Our customers love our treatment program and we have the reputation to back it. Keeping your lawn green and growing is easily accomplished with routine, year-round maintenance. At JC Landscapes, we take exceptional pride in our lawn application process and the care that went into developing it.


About the service

Spring Application

-We use a 21-0-6 slow-release fertilizer.

-Pre-emergent weed control is put down for weedy grasses and a number of broadleaf weeds.

-Post-emergent weed control is added for weeds that have already emerged.

-Carefully selected micro nutrients and bio-stimulants for color and stress tolerance

Summer Application

-Gentler fertilization will feed the lawn and accommodate a lack of growth during the heat of summer.

-Pre-emergent weed control is added for further prevention of weeds while germination is still a concern.

-Post-emergent weed control will maintain summertime weeds.

-Carefully selected micro nutrients and bio-stimulants for color and stress tolerance

-Grub control to prevent unsightly damage to the lawn.

Insect Control

-An insecticide that controls bothersome insects on contact.

-Adjuvants used to prolong the life and effects of the application.

Fall Application

-1:1 ratio of a 21-0-6 and 9-18-9 slow-release fertilizers to aid in root development and overwintering for a stronger, healthier lawn and better green-up in the spring

-Post-emergent weed control to reduce any remaining weed populations

-Carefully selected micro nutrients and bio-stimulants for color and stress tolerance


Typical Timeline

Our lawn applications will take place between April and September/October depending on the season and type of application. Applications are based on soil temperatures, GDD's and phenological events, so timing for each application will vary from year to year.

Spring Applications will begin in the beginning of April and the Summer Applications will follow in June. August is when we will perform our Insect Control Applications, and will be followed by our Fall Applications in September.



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Areas we service

Middleburg, PA 17842

Pottsgrove, PA 17865

Danville, PA 17821

New Columbia, PA 17857

West Milton, PA Β 17886

Selinsgrove, PA 17870

New Berlin, PA 17855

Winfield, PA 17889

Hartleton, PA 17829

Penns Creek, PA 17862

Vicksburg, PA 17883

Mazeppa, PA 17837

Linntown, PA 17837

Montandon, PA 17850

Milton, PA 17847

Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Lewisburg, PA 17837

Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

How long after the application should I wait to let my dog on the grass?

Please wait until the grass is dry to allow pets and children to re-enter the lawn.

How long should I wait to mow after you've treated the lawn?

It's best to allow 24 hours to pass before mowing your lawn. This allows plenty of time for any fertilizers and nutrients to move into the plant and prevents the applied product from being cut away from the plant too soon.

My weeds aren't dying. What do I do?

Please allow 3-4 weeks after an application to check for signs of dying. You may notice yellowing of the leaves, curling at the stems or general wilting. If none of these signs are present, we invite you to give us a call so we can come out for a service call and further treat the areas in question--free of charge.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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