Mulch and Shrubs Package

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About this package

Our mulch and shrubs package consists of a full service cleanup and installation of mulch (typically once per year) as well as shrub trimming to keep your landscape looking fresh and cared for.

With our mulching service, you will receive an initial bed cleanup with includes weeding. Following; we will edge the beds to redefine your landscape border and give it a nice manicured look.

And finally the installation of mulch itself. While it sounds simple and looks to be a job just about anyone can do--JC Landscapes works tirelessly to ensure that when we leave your property, it's clear that JC took care of it. Our attention to detail on the the job is unmatched and we do it all to ensure your satisfaction.

When we trim your shrubs, it's not as cut and dry as you might imagine. Special care is taken to ensure that our actions benefit the health of the plant and extend it's life, ultimately saving you money and hassle on replacing those shrubs down the line.

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Services Included

Mulching Services

Mulching is an easy way to bring an old landscape back to life and provide health benefits to your plants too!

Helps prevent weeds

Shrub Trimming & Perennial Maintenance

Shrub trimming can be a great way to give your landscape a manicured look and even encourage healthier plant growth!

Promotes fuller growth
Where is this available?

linntown, PA

mazeppa, PA

mifflinburg, PA

milton, PA

montandon, PA

new berlin, PA

vicksburg, PA

west milton, PA